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Some Of My Books

Birmingham in Vintage Postcards, by J.D. Weeks.

Panama City, by J. D. Weeks.

Civil War Books

Battle Maps of the Civil War, by Richard O'Shea, David Greenspan, and Robert K. Krick.

Guide to the Battle of Shiloh, by Jay Luvaas, Leonard Fullenkamp, and Steven Bowman.

Attack and Die: Civil War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage, by Grady McWhiney.

The Annals of the Civil War, by Gary W. Gallagher.

The American Indian in the Civil War, 1862-1865, by Annie Heloise Abel.

Confederates in the Attic:Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War, by Tony Horowitz.

Genealogy Books

Genealogy Via the Internet: Tracing Your Family Roots Quickly and Easily: Computerized Genealogy in Plain English, by Ralph Roberts.

Genealogy Online: Researching Your Roots: Web Edition, by Elizabeth Powell Crowe.

Genealogical Research and Resources: A Guide for Library Use, by Lois C. Gilmer.

The Genealogy Sourcebook, by Sharon Debartolo Carmack.

Unpuzzling Your Past: A Basic Guide to Genealogy, by Emily Ann Croom.

Family Tree Kit, by Noel M. Elliot.

Postcard Books

Birmingham-A Postcard Tour, by J.D. Weeks.

Collector's Guide to Post Cards, by Jane Wood.

The Postcard Price Guide: A Comprehensive Reference, by J.L. Mashburn.

The Encyclopedia of Antique Postcards/Price Guide, by Susan Brown Nicholson.

About 85 Years Ago: Photo Postcards from America, by David Chien.

Black Americana Postcard Price Guide, by J.L. Mashburn.

A Picture Postcard History of Baseball, by Ron Menchine.

Official Identification and Price Guide to Postcards, by Diame Allmen.

Native American Books

The American Indian in the Civil War, 1862-1865, by Annie Heloise Abel.

After the Trail of Tears: The Cherokee's Struggle for Sovereignty, 1839-1880, by William G. McLoughlin.

The Cherokee (Indian Tribes of America), by Barbara McCall.

Sequoyah and the Cherokee Alphabet, by Robert Cwiklik.

American Indian Sports Heritage, by Joseph B. Oxendine.

Bargain Books

African-Americans: A Book of Postcards, by Artbooks Pomegranate.

Postcards for People in Love, by Claire Cloninger.

20,001 Names for Baby, by Carol McD. Wallace.

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