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Boy Scout Troop 208 was chartered in June 1960 at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Birmingham, Alabama. I was fortunate enough to be the Scoutmaster for the twelve years the troop functioned. It would be wonderful if we could have a Reunion. I have listed the leaders and members of Troop 208 as we begin the process of tracking down each one of them. If you know the whereabouts of any of them, please email me or write me a letter and let me know.

Charter Adult Leaders

Institutional Representative-Paul W. Townes, Jr.
Committee Chairman-Charles W. Callans
Committee Member-John M. "Jack" Boggan
Committee Member-Curtis Parks
Committee Member-Robert V. Townes, Jr.
Assistant Scoutmaster-John A. Piteo
Scoutmaster-J.D. Weeks

Other Adult Leaders were: John A. Kruse, Jimmy Goodwin, Elvin Horton, Norman C. Schifano, Oscar C. Fulton, Wesley White, and Lavern Scott.

Charter Boy Scouts

Robert Townes III
James Hendrix
Walter Watkins
George Watkins
Tommy Turner
Joe Piteo
Paul Townes III
Harry Alongi
Leonard Sciro

Other Boy Scouts were: Lee Lovoy, Tim Claiborne, Pat Claiborne, Ricky Goodwin, Billy Sullivan, Frank Graffeo, Pat Triola, David Little, Joe Pursifull, Phillip Key, Tony Oddo, Rodney Oden, Tommy Banks, George Swanzy, Paul Maniscalco, Davis Rhoades, Mike Reid, Mike Woodard, Vic Fassina, Mike Davis, Ronny Fassina, Mike Giambrone, Mike Mickwee, Mike Stewart, Mike Cusimano, Terry Plunkett, Wally Moszley, E.J. Vetrano, John Lovoy, Wayne Oden, Kenny Woodard, Bobby Stanley, Steve Miller, Jimmy Russell, Steve Scott, Rudy Chavarie, Mike Boggan, Johnny Rutherford, David Worthington, Johnny Kruse, Kent Fassina, John McConnell, Gary Townes, Maxie Reno, Allen Lais, Steve Miller, John Trimm, Tommy Townes, Bobby Lackey, Bunk McCombs, Randy Hays, Sammy Spano, Charlie Carlton, Biff Foote, James Anderson, Mike Piteo, Jimmy Williamson, Frank Ferlisi, David Worden, Joe Hill, Ricky Giangrosso, Jim Horton, Phillip Key, Clark Hill, Joe layne, Mike Morgan, Tony Rose, Joe Holliman, James Klask, Mike Reid, Randy Manning, Merle Pendley, Bobby Joe Wroten, Jerry McCay, Roy Prestidge, Bruce Griffin, Perry Pendley, David Tidwell, Ronnie Pendley, Randy Streetman, Bobby Costner, Mike Costner, Terry Smyly, Jerry Smyly, Mike Streetman, Bobby Rainey, Phillip Hampton, Steven Anderton, Mike Kelley, Phillip Goodwin, Tim Townes, David Olson, Billy Latta, Gary Giangrosso, Robert Smith, Richard Chambers, Don Shore, Dwight Stone, Charles Callans, Jerry Newcomb, Joe Spano, Kevin Kelley, David Jones, Bart Thompson, James Klask, Phillip Simmons, Jeff Kruse, Tim Forrester, Albert "Tykie" King, Charles Kerr, Benny Dye, Chris Parks, Roger Crouch, David Crouch, Franklin Norred, Mark Nance, Richard White, Mark Forrester, Winston Norred, Ricky Hayes, Bill Purser, Kenneth Powell, Lee Ross, Steve Weeks, Chuck Conn, David Powell, David White, Keith Teer, Anthony Bruce Teer, Steve Rose, Doug Duncan, William Carlisle, Donald Pilkington, and Walter Sims.

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