Christopher Shelnutt Home Page

Christopher Shelnutt Home Page

Welcome to my Home Page. My name is Christopher Shelnutt. I live in Gardendale, Alabama and I am fifteen years old. I played football for Bragg Junior High this last season and I was on the track team. I won the County Championship in the 800 meter dash and made All-Country.

Now I am at Gardendale High School and play in the band. I am also running indoor track.

Here is me (on the left) and my brother, Matthew (in middle), cousin, James (on right) going over the pit wall at the Talladega Super Speedway. My Paw Paw was just leaving the pits for his laps around the track. You can see more pictures of that here.

I recently went to Washington DC with my Paw Paw, Aunt Jenny, my brother Matt, and my cousins Jarred and James. Below is a picture of me at the original Smithsonian Building in front of the burial site (in container above me) of the benefactor Mr. Smithson. You can see more Washington DC pictures here.

Below are a few of my favorite graphics and I hope you like them. Also, to see my pet fish look here.

This Tiger is on the hunt!

Yes, it does snow in Alabama. Me launching a snowball!

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