J.D.'s Freeman Family


Benjamin FREEMAN
b. ?           VA
m. ?              Sarah ________
          Children: Erasmus
                    George Washington
                    Benjamin Benajah
                    Keziah Ann

Benjamin Benajah FREEMAN
b.  19 Dec 1801 GA
m.  02 Feb 1830 Susanah McCarter-Franklin Co., GA
d.  05 Sep 1887 MO (Texas Co., MO)
b.     Sep 1887 Murr Cemetery, Morris Tsp, Texas Co., MO
          Children: Mary Anna
                    John F.
                    Benjamin Franklin
                    Susan "Susannah" Virginia

b.  18 Jan 1835  GA
m.         1865     Frances "Frankie" Sandlin-AL
d.  08 Aug 1912  Cullman Co., AL)

Sarah Jane FREEMAN (my Grandmother)
b. 22 May 1877   Cullman Co., AL
m. 02 Nov 1899   John Wesley Heatherly-Cullman Co., AL
d. 08 Nov 1948   Birmingham, AL

Benajah Freeman's Signature

Me at Grave of Benajah Freeman in Texas Co. MO

John Wesley Heatherly & Sarah Jane Freeman

"Fiddlin" Tom Freeman & Ida Pamela Williams Freeman with Family

John Freeman

Benjamin F. Freeman, Jr. with wife and son (brother to John Freeman)

Pictured above at the top is me at the grave sites of Benajah Freeman (center) with his son Henry on right and Benajah's granddaughter, Cora Stevens, who is the daughter of Sarepta Freeman Stevens on the left. Another of his sons, Frederick, is buried nearby. Next is a picture of my Grandmother, Sarah Jane Freeman, and my Grandfather, John Wesley Heatherly. Below them is a picture of my Grandmother's Brother, "Fiddlin" Tom Freeman. "Fiddlin" Tom was a famous old time Alabama fiddler who was noted for fiddling for political candidates, including presidents and governors. It was said that he never fiddled for a losing candidate. His wife, Ida Pamela Williams and their children are also in the picture. Following that is a picture of my Great Grandfather, John Freeman. Immediately after that is Benjamin F. Freeman, Jr., brother to John Freeman, with his wife, Elizabeth Jane Harvel, and one of his sons.

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My gedcom file can also be seen at My-Ged.Com.

I have used Family Origins as my Genealogy Program of choice for the last twelve years. Ten years ago it was licensed to Parsons Technology and continued to be updated by the FormalSoft team, who wrote the original program. Unfortunately Parsons Technology was bought out and they decided in 2003 to discontinue Family Origins. But lucky for me the original team has now released a replacement that has all the features of Family Origins and lots more. It also sells for a modest $29. Click on the banner below for more information, to download a free trial copy, or to place an order.

You can find information about the Freeman DNA Testing Project Here.

A good Freeman resource is the Freeman email list at FREEMAN-L-request@rootsweb.com Just type subscribe in the body of the email and you will soon be receiving all kinds of FREEMAN information.

Pictured above on left is Donald Freeman, Fiddlin Tom Freeman's Grandson. He is standing next to Fiddlin Tom's Great Great Grand Nephew, Matthew Shelnutt, at the 1999 Dizzy Dean 7 Year Old World Series. They placed second in the Series. You can see their web page here. Matthew is my Grandson.

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