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I started out researching the settlement of my WEEKS family in Alabama. Their migration to Alabama brought them through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and continued through Mississippi to Texas and farther west. I am happy to share/exchange information with others doing similar research.

Eventually my research included other surnames. Some I am researching are HEATHERLY, BUSSEY, FREEMAN, PAGE, SANDLIN, ROLLO, DUNLAVY, WEEKS2, WEBB, MOSELEY, STONE, MORGAN, VEST, AYCOCK, and McCARTER

Let me explain the WEEKS2 listed above. My GGGF, John Leonard Weeks, married a cousin, Susan Thomas Weeks, who earlier was thought to be a Vickery. This gives me two Weeks lines to follow.

My gedcom can be searched, viewed, downloaded, and reports printed at the RootsWeb WorldConnect Project.

I have used Family Origins as my Genealogy Program of choice for nearly fifteen years. Twelve years ago it was licensed to Parsons Technology and continued to be updated by the FormalSoft team, who wrote the original program. Unfortunately Parsons Technology was purchased by Family Treemaker and they decided in 2003 to discontinue Family Origins. But lucky for me the original team has now released a replacement that has all the old features of Family Origins and much more. It also sells for a modest $29. Click on the banner below for more information, to download a free trial copy, or to place an order.

GenForum Surname Sites
Weeks Heatherly Bussey Freeman
Page Sandlin Rollo Dunlavy
Webb Moseley Stone Morgan
Vest Aycock McCarter Stovall

You can order Alabama county maps at this site.

Search for Land Patent Records in the Eastern States, including Alabama, from the Bureau of Land Management. You can do a surname search by state and county. Documents can be ordered for $1.50 each.

Did you ever find that one of your ancestors died from Pott's Disease, Stranger's Fever, Congestive Fever, or something unfamiliar? Here is a list of modern day terms for these and other old diseases with current names.

I have a list of WEEKS FAMILY Researchers! Let me know if you would like to be included. Several pictures of my Great Great Grandfather, John Leonard Weeks (1838-1926) can be seen on my Civil War page including a brief history of his Civil War Record. I also have a picture of one of the 16th Alabama Infantry unit flags. This was the first of three different units he fought with during the Civil War. The other two were the 1st Mississippi Cavalry, Company A, Ferguson's Scouts and the Alabama 4th (Roddy's)Cavalry.

I also have the Civil War record (picture included) for my Great Grandfather, Jeremiah Alexander Heatherly, who fought for both the Confederacy and the Union. I will add other ancestor Civil War records in the near future.

You can also see a picture here of my Great Grandmother, who was full blood Cherokee.

I have some lost ancestors who are pictured on Real Photo Postcards. Also, I have some folks I am trying to identify and which ancestors they belong to here. See if you can help us out!

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Musgrove, Weeks, and related Families, Winfield, AL
Sandlin Family Reunion-Wheeler State Park, AL Aug
Weeks Family Reunion-Guin, AL
Weeks Family Reunion-Diboll, TX
Rollo Family Reunion-Santa Rosa, FL June(Pavilion on Highway 98)
Vest Family Reunion-Melburne, Arkansas Senior Citizen Center)
Bussey Family Reunion-Henryetta, Oklahoma

If you are interested in your family history I strongly urge you to start as soon as you can and talk to all of your older living relatives. They have so much information that will be lost forever if you don't ask. My Father was sixteen years old when his Grandfather (John Leonard Weeks) died (my Civil War ancestor) and just imagine what he could have told if only he was asked.

So if you're sixteen or sixty plus, get started NOW! As John Wayne would say "We're burning daylight".

Look here to review and order genealogy books from Amazon.com.

This is a poem written for my Great Grandmother, Josephine Louise Page Weeks by her nephew, R.L. Page, Jr. It appeared in The Belmont Herald, Belmont, MS on Thursday July 8, 1915 along with her obituary. R.L. Page, Jr. was also the editor and publisher of the newspaper. (Her Photo)

To The Memory of my Dear Aunt
Mrs. J.P. Weeks

We bent today o'er a coffined form,
And our tears fell softly down;
We looked our last on the aged face,
With its look of peace, its patient grace,
And hair like a silver crown.

We touched our own to the clay-cold hands,
From life's long labor to rest;
And among the blossoms, white and sweet,
We noted a bunch of golden wheat,
Clasped close to the silent breast.

The blossoms whispered of fadeless bloom,
Of a land where fall no tears;
The ripe wheat told of toil and care,
The patient waiting, the trusting prayer,
The garnered goods of the years.

As each goes up from the fields of earth,
Bearing the treasures of life,
God looks for some gathered grain of good,
From the ripe harvest that shining stood,
But waiting the reaper's knife.

Then labor well, that in death you go,
Not only with blossoms sweet-
Not bent with doubt, and burdened with fears,
And dead dry husks of wasted years-
But laden with golden wheat.

R.L. Page, Jr.

The links listed below contain hundreds of other links. If you find any that are not working, please let me know.

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