Home Page For Grandchildren

Home Page For Grandchildren

This page is a link to the Home Pages of my nine Grandsons and one Granddaughter. They are entered in the order of their birth. Also check my golf page for some pictures of them all at the golf course!

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Jarred Brittian PIC
Christopher Shelnutt PIC
Matthew Shelnutt PIC
James Ryan Brittian PIC
Stephen Middleton Weeks PIC
Edmund Douglas Weeks PIC
Hugh Middleton Weeks PIC
Elizabeth Jane Shelnutt PIC
Jonathan Thomas Shelnutt PIC
Richard Pearson Weeks PIC

Above is an early attempt at getting a group picture. Someone is always moving or missing. Its difficult to get them all together at the same time and even more difficult to get them to be still.

And here is one of the group made in Nov 2003.

Below are two pictures made in Jul 2006, of course all are not included!

Below are several group photos of Me and the Little Ones

Matthew, Christopher, Jarred, and James at Ruffner Mountain in Birmingham

Edmund and Hugh Weeks from Houston

Cousins James and Matt Clowning Around

Me and Some of the Boys in Washington(with Daughter Jennifer)

Me and the Boys on Bridge Over the Potomac

Me and Some of the Group at Lake Providence, LA

Me, Edmund, and Hugh in Houston, Texas

More Pictures Coming!

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