J.D.'s Golf Page

J.D.'s Golf Page

Here I am sneaking up on Randy Owen (lead singer of the Group, Alabama) at the Bruno Memorial Golf Tournament on the Senior Tour in Birmingham, AL. It is now the Regions Classic and has moved to the Robert Trent Jones Trail Course at Ross Bridge.

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Me and Frank Byrd, my long time golf partner

You need to start the little folks out early so that they can learn to play golf before they realize that it is supposed to be hard to do! So I am introducing my little folks to the golf course as early as I can. Below are a few of their earlier trips to the golf course.

And here (below) I will try to keep some updated pictures of them as they develop into young golfers. Christopher played on the Bragg Junion High Golf Team and has developed into a pretty good golfer, as well as his younger brother, Matthew. Jarred hasn't decided to devote the time and effort as yet, but James is giving it a run. I have not given up on any of them!

Edmund and Hugh, who live in Texas when these pictures were made, have moved to bigger clubs more suitable to their height. They received new clubs for their birthdays recently.

Elizabeth and Jonathan enjoyed the golf course as a cart rider when they were younger but now have clubs and are progressing very well. So now checkout the assortment of pictures below of the little folks at the golf course!

Christopher getting Charles Barkley's autograph at Bruno Classic

James, Matthew, and Christopher helping Bo Jackson find his ball

Christopher, James, and Matthew at Bruno Classic

And Below are pictures of seven of my Grandchildren when on a golf outing in July 2006-They are getting bigger!

Beth gets a nice drive-headed to the right side of the green

Edmund hits a nice drive to the flag

Matt ready to drive at Whipporwill Golf Club

James looks hot, but not too tired

Christopher hits a low drive on #10

Jonny with his Sponge Bob golf ball

Hugh ready to tee it up

Matt, James, and Christopher are really growing up

Above Me with Christopher, James, and Matt

Me, Beth, and Jonny-when they were not quite old enough to play golf, but as you see above they are doing quite well now!

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