Gulf Shores, Alabama Postcards

Gulf Shores, Alabama Postcards

Gulf Shores,located at the southern tip of Alabama, consists of 32 miles of sugar white sand. Before the 1930's, the only way to reach the beaches of Gulf Shores was by water. In 1933 that all changed when the Intercoastal Waterway was created and separated the Gulf Coast of Alabama from the mainland. Development was sporadic for decades and the Gulf Coast of Alabama enjoyed relative anonymity until Hurricane Frederic crushed through in 1979 destroying nearly everything in its path.

Today, you will see very little of the old beach as development has been rampant. The area today consists of the sister cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, which are separated by the Gulf State Park,and includes a 615 acre park with 2.5 miles of undeveloped beaches, miles of hiking and biking trails, hotel-resort, campgrounds and cabins, three lakes for freshwater fishing or canoeing, tennis courts and more.

On this site I will try to introduce you to some of the early scenes from the Gulf Shores area as captured on view postcards. I hope you enjoy your visit.

This is my favorite early view of Gulf Shores! This postcard view is the cover of my Gulf Shores Calendar. You can find it here. Each month has a different postcard view of early Gulf Shores.

This view is of the "new" canal bridge being built across the Intercoastal Waterway on Highway 59. The old bridge, showing the Cottages, is on the right postcard view.

The cafe and cottages on the right were also located at the canal bridge intersection. The Esquire Motel on the left was at the end of Highway 59 at the beach road (Hwy 182).

View of the interesection of Highway 59 and the Beach Road, which is Highway 182. Dee's Apartments were located near that intersection.

These are postcard views of the original Youngs By The Sea and the original Oleander Cottages.

Roberts Beach Cottages (phone number 342) and the Sea Horse Motel (phone number 322).

The Seaside Trailer Park located six miles east of Highway 59 and the early Gulf Park Casino.

The Maisel Cottages (phone number Y0 8-4158) and the original Holiday Inn.

Early Gulf State Park Casino and Peganita Cottage.

Fishing at Lake Shelby and Callaway's Grocery, Market, and Cottages.

A "not so old" aerial view but before the large buildings appeared.

I would love to purchase any old Gulf Shores postcards you may have or I would love to have a picture/scan of any early Gulf Shores views you may want to share. Thanks for looking.

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