Jarred Brittian Home Page

Jarred Brittian Home Page

Welcome to my Home Page. My name is Jarred and I am seventeen years old. I live in Gardendale, Alabama.

A few years ago I made a trip on the Amtrak Train to Washington DC with my Mother, Paw Paw, brother James, and cousins Christopher and Matt. Below is a picture of us there. I am on the right. For more pictues of the trip, which included a snow storm, look here.

I am the editor of a new Family Newspaper that I have started. Our first edition is due out soon. My assistants are my brother, James, and my cousins Christopher and Matthew.

I also play golf. I plan to take some golf lessons soon. Below is a picture of me a few years ago, as you can see by my size, after playing 18 holes.

Me at the Golf Course After 18 Holes

I have my on you so you better watch out! If I have to I will get my friend here to come see you!

I can take a nap and get a bath at the same time.

This is a picture I drew a few years ago of my Paw Paw.

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