Jonathan Thomas Shelnutt Home Page

Jonathan Thomas Shelnutt Home Page

"My Latest Picture"

"Me and Some Girls!"

Welcome to my Home Page. I had a Home Page before I got home from the hospital. I am six years old and enjoy playing my video games.

Got Milk!!

I arrived on Friday June 26, 1998 and here is my first picture. Below is my first Family Photo. Of course it was taken at the hospital the day I was born. My brothers, Matthew and Christopher, and my sister, Elizabeth, spent the night with me my first night at the hospital. They slept on sleeping bags on the floor. Kinda like a spend the night party. And the next picture is the official one the Hospital takes. I was very alert when I arrived. Please visit my Brothers, Sister, and Cousins. They all have their own web sites. You can find them here.

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