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Matthew Shelnutt Home Page

Welcome to my Home Page. My name is Matthew Shelnutt and I am thirteen years old. I attend Bragg Jr. High. I play baseball, soccer, football, and basketball. In 1997 I made the T-Ball All Stars and went to the State tournament where we came in sixth place. We lost two games by one run each. In 1998 I played for the Gardendale Orioles. Check out our Web Site. I made the All Stars again that year. Below is my picture in my 1998 All Star uniform. Look at the home page for the 1998 Gardendale Tee Ball All Stars. We won the State Tournament for 1998 and were the Alabama Tee Ball State Champions. Then in 1999 I made the 1999 All Star Pee Wee Team. We were the Dizzy Dean World Series Runnerups. In 2000 I skipped the All Star Team to spend the summer with my Grandmother in South Dakota on the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation. In 2001 I again made the All Stars and we went to the World Series again. We were eliminated the last day by the team that eventually won the Series. In Fall 2001 I played football for the first time. Below are some of my pictures and several are a few years old. I have grown a lot now. The first one is of a recent trip to Washington DC with my Paw Paw, Aunt Jenny, my brother Christopher, and my cousins Jarred and James. I now attend Bragg Jr. High and played football in 2004. I am also in the band.

Thats Me in the Middle on Front Row at the White House
More Washington Pictures here

Me at the Plate

Here is me (in the middle) and my brother, Christopher (on left), cousin, James (on right) going over the pit wall at the Talladega Super Speedway. My Paw Paw was just leaving the pits for his laps around the track. You can see more pics of that at this link.

Also, look at my fish tank to see my pet fish.

Here are some pictures of Ms. Durham's Class at the Zoo. This was quite a few years ago as you can see by my size.

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