North Birmingham Memories

North Birmingham Memories

Located below are memories and photos belonging to those who lived in North Birmingham. To submit your favorite memory or recollection, email or send regular mail and they will be included pronto! Also include any photos that you would like to share. You may want to simply list the places you went and the things you did. Our memories are important to us and they will also be important fot the others that also lived there and have pleasant memories. Thanks very much.

The House On The Corner Beside The Old Bridge

by Shirley Lacey Davis

The train whistles while rushing down the track,
Oh! the lonely sound takes my mind rolling back.
To the big old white house on the corner lot,
Beside the Old Iron Bridge across from Fairmont.

The old house so friendly and warm to both bad and good,
From the friendly postman; to the "hobo" begging food.
My friends loved to spend the night or just stay a while,
Knowing they were accepted with love and a smile.

Even though we were very poor I realize now,
Money scarce, my parents managed some how.
Delicious smells of food as home from school I'd run,
To a Christian mom who greeted me; "Hello Hon".

My dad's tired, worn hands made sure we had food,
My mom's cooking made the cheapest thing taste good.
My allowance was only a quarter, when the chores were done,
Then there was time out, go have clean fun.

To the Delmar or North Birmingham Theatre we'd go,
To see Roy Rogers, Alan Ladd or Doris Day at the picture show.
To Kresses, the church and school library to name a few,
The skating rink, pool and park, such fun things to do.

Class mates together eight years was neat,
Our lives were clean, simple and so sweet.
We pledged the flag and opened class with a prayer,
But our kids today couldn't dare.

The worst fear at school such a sight,
Two boys scuffle or maye even fight.
The worst thing written on the wall, "Kilroy was here", just who was he you all?

A sidewalk built around a large oak tree,
Such a novel sight for us to see.
It is etched in my memory still today,
Though some one cut it and took it away.

If I could give one wish to our youth today,
It would be they could go back to "our way".
To the house on the corner beside the bridge of rust,
With families, friends and class mates they could trust.

Ah! Dear North Birmingham, I truly miss you so,
Was it real or a childhood memory I can't let go.
Then I meet some one from that time so long ago,
Whose memories the same as mine and then I know.

A tribute To North Birmingham, The People, The Churches, The School And That Simple Sweet Time

Shirley Lacey Davis also has memories of the many trips to the Alabama Theatre!

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