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North Birmingham School-Class of 1951 Reunions

North Birmingham Class Jan 1951

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The first Class Reunion (20 th) was held in 1971 at the home of Nelda Parsons Atchley in Gardendale, Alabama. (no photo available) The next Class Reunion (40 th) was held twenty years later on July 27, 1991 at Tannehill State Park.

1991 Reunion-Tannehill State Park

Then came the 45th Class Reunion held on August 3, 1996 at Gardendale First Baptist Church.

1996 Reunion

We returned to Gardendale again on October 26-27 2001 for the 50th North Birmingham School Class Reunion. As usual, Shirley Lacey Davis was the driving force and had everyone organized. We had guests from some of the other classes at North Birmingham School in attendance as well as representatives of all our deceased classmates. It was a time that will always be remembered by all that attended. A great time was had by all. David Booth, Billy Day, and Herman Ware... if you are out there listening, you missed a wonderful opportunity to see dear old friends and classmates and share wonderful memories over the past fifty years. I hope you all will be able to attend the next reunion!

2001 50th Reunion

Due to the fact that we are almost getting "old", it was decided to have an annual reunion in between our regular five year reunions for those able to attend! They will be listed below.

Gardendale Park-August 30, 2002
2003 Bayou La Batre on the Alabama Gulf Coast

Listing of Class Members

Edward Ambrose
Johnnie Ashmore (Walker)
Bill Bailey
Elizabeth Black (Sartain)
David Booth
Jeanette Bright (Sanders)
Mauvaleen Bullard (Stedham)
Betty Collins (Clark)
Charles Colvert
Sue Cornelius (Bryant)
Berna Dean Davis (Hendricks)
Billy Day
Anna Sue Keith (Deceased)
Shirley Lacey (Davis)
Pete LaRussa (Deceased)
Sylvia Leslie (Penhale)
Sylvia McHale (Morgan)
Norma Jeane McWilliams (Neto)
Marion Nichols (Holland)
Nancy Parker (Carter)
Nelda Parsons (Atchley)
Ronny Pennington (Deceased)
Jimmie Ruth Pickett (Hall)
Charlene Purvis (Dickerson)
Howard Smith
Joy Smith (Evers)
Frances Thames (Deceased)
Charles Turner
Herman Ware (Deceased)
J.D. Weeks

The Big Gang Rides Again - Bill, J.D., and Ronny
(Ronny passed away on November 14, 1999)

We were saddened to learn several years ago of the passing of the last two living teachers at North Birmingham School, Ms. Della James and Ms. Gladys Secord. We owe them so very much. What a shame we can't return to those good old days when you really learned something in school and teachers were respected.

We miss our fellow classmates, Anna Sue Keith, Pete LaRussa, Frances Thames, and Ronny Pennington who have passed away.

Check here to look at the biographies of classmates.

Here is a copy of the Graduation Exercise:




Wednesday, January 17, 1951 - 1:30 P.M.

Lord's Prayer (Class)

Invocation (Dr. A.M. Tate)

President's Welcome (Joy Smith)

Piano Solo (Berna Davis)

Who's Who (Anna Sue Keith)

America For Me (Bill Bailey, David Booth, Howard Smith, Charles Turner)

Song - This is My Country (Class)

My People Came to This Country (Charles Colvert, Billy Day, Herman Ware)

Youth's Creed (Johnnie Ashmore)

Vocal Solo (Edward Ambrose)

Making Our Own Lives (Mauvaleen Bullard, Jimmie Ruth Pickett, Frances Thames, Sylvia Leslie, Sue Cornelius, Betty Collins, Marion Nichols)

Trumpet Solo (Pete LaRussa)

High Lights in Grammar School (Shirley Lacey)

Double Quartet (Edward Ambrose, Jeanette Bright, Sylvia McHale, Nancy Parker, Herman Ware, Jewel (J.D.) Weeks, Nelda Parsons, Marion Nichols)

Class Prophecy (Norma Jean McWilliams)

Presentation of Certificates (George D. Cox)

Piano Solo (Elizabeth Black)

Welcome to Phillips (Bonita Netherington)

Presentation of Gift (Ronald Pennington)

Farewell (Charlene Purvis)

Alma Mater (Class)



President: Joy Smith
Vice President: Charlene Purvis
Secretary: Anna Sue Keith
Treasurer: Ronald Pennington

Class Colors - Red and White

Class Motto:

I was born an American
I live an American
I shall die an American

Daniel Webster

Graduation exercises were held at 35th Avenue Baptist Church

I might add that myself, Bill Bailey, Ronny Pennington, and Howard Smith were almost late to the Graduation Exercise. We had spent the morning in the woods with our 22 rifles in an area we called "The Trussles". It was actually out a railroad track north of town toward Upper Coalburg and crossed over Five Mile Creek thirteen times with very high (then) wooden bridges. Our favorite was No. 10.

In April 2003 the North Birmingham School Class of 1953 had their fiftieth anniversary reunion. Some of us from the Class of 1951 also attended. Look here for the reunion picture.

Now we have to start thinking about the location of the 2006 Reunion!!!

There have been visitors since December 22, 1997.

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