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North Birmingham School
Class of 1951

Nelda Faye Parsons Atchley

By God's grace, I have lived a full and happy life. I married my childhood sweetheart, Charles E. Atchley, 42 years ago and have two Children; a daughter, Donna, and a son, Donald.

I own and operate Artware Interiors, Inc. and stay busy, busy, busy. Not much time for leisure things, but look forward to retiring in the Gulf, and painting. Love God, people, and nature.

Charles Colvert

Sorry I couldn't be here today, but something came up and I couldn't change, so I have to be out of town this weekend.

Born September 20, 1935 at South Highlands Hospital, Birmingham.
First to 5th grades - Martin School, Birmingham.
Sixth to 7th grades - Wilson School, Birmingham.
Eighth grade with you folks and happy to say a good bunch!
On to Phillips High and Tarrant High
In Navy in 1952, out in 1956.
I've been a plumber since 1958.
Married in 1958 - 2 boys, Charles, Jr. (1961) and Gregory (1963).
Divorced after 15 years.
Married again - lasted 5 years - no kids.
Married again in 1981 and still married and happy.
I have 3 step kids: Dennis (32), Tracy (28), and Jason (23) Wagner.
Ten grandkids - they all live close except Tracy who lives in Florence.
Janice and I still have some pets: 4 dogs (Max, Barkley, Bridgett, Charley Brown), one cat (Little Doggie) and one parrot (C.J.) --loves to talk.
And we all live right here in Gardendale. You don't have to have an invitation to visit.

Nancy Parker Carter

Olan and I married a little over ten years ago and live in Athens, Georgia, where he owns a photofinishing lab. I work in the business also, doing the things I live--advertising and buying, and some of the office work.

My only child is married with her own four-year old daughter and ten month old son. What we like best is that we do not have the responsibility, only the fun! They are moving to Korea in September, so you know where I"m going next year.

Over the years I've enjoyed gardening, reading almost anything, bridge, lunching with friends, traveling, and volunteer work. Two or three years ago I spent several weeks in France and loved it! I like art museums and galleries and my favorite city is Washington, D.C., and next is almost any very large city. I love lights and glitter and people.

Volunteering with Athens Regional Medical Center Auxiliary is very rewarding. I work in the gift shop, our biggest money maker. After serving as president of our organization, I worked at the state level for several years. This year seemed to be a good one to get back to my local auxiliary. We have community projects in the works and the opportunity to help others is always present.

Three Olympic venues in Athens has been a unique experience! We've watched the flame pass from one community hero to another, and it was very impressive. We did get tickets to see the rhythmic gymnastics in Athens. It's been an exciting summer with so much activity going on in Athens and Atlanta.

Our reunion will be a wonderful way to close the summer, and I feel very blessed with good health and the opportunity to visit old friends again.

If I do not get to the reunion, it is because we are incredibly busy at the store and/or total gridlock on the highways and interstates. I don't mind heavy traffic, but the idea of sitting for hours in a hot car is not pleasant! If I'm not there I do want to know all about it and a list of updated names and addresses also. Hope to see you soon!

Shirley Lacey Davis

Married David J. Davis December 11, 1970. Have three children by a previous marriage: daughter, Diana, and sons, Richard and Stephen. David has one son, David,Jr. by a previous marriage. We have 10 grandchildren--seven boys and three girls. We have resided in Dora, Alabama, 23 years.

In 1975-76 I attended Beville Community College and graduated a Licensed Practical Nurse. I worked as "Charge Nurse" at Cordova Nursing Home and in the Intensive Care Unit at Walker Regional Hospital.

Dave and I enjoy tracing ancestry and traveling. We place Confederate markers on unmarked Confederate relatives' graves. One of my favorite things is feeding seagulls at Panama City Beach. Also, I enjoy contacting classmates regarding our class reunions. My Dad, O.E. Lacey passed away November 22, 1986, and Mom lives in Corner, Alabama, keeping house for herself at age 83. My Sister, Gail Lacey McCown, is manager at Total Eye Care in Gardendale and has a Son, Charles, and a daughter, Mary.

Charlene Purvis Dickerson

Graduated Phillips, January, 1955; graduated Birmingham Southern, August, 1958. Taught school a couple of years and married Gerald Dickerson. We have two children: a son, Jerry, who is married to Cindy Wilson and lives in Atlanta; a daughter, Kathy, who is married to Chuck McDuffie and lives in Birmingham. They have a daughter, Alex, who is our only grandchild. She is 16 months old. Gerald and I moved to a condo 10 years ago with our only child living at home-Charlie, our Maltese dog.

For recreation we enjoy traveling to the beach, bunjie jumping, and crop dusting

Ronald ("Ronny") Pennington

I joined the Air Force in 1955 and married Barbara Bailey in 1958. Our daughter, Julie, was born the Fourth of July, 1960, and our son, Ronald August, arrived in 1962. We now have three grandchildren.

I retired from the military in 1979 and moved to Winter Graden, Florida, in 1986. Barbara teaches school, and I have an appliance repair business.

Jimmie Ruth Pickett Hall

Married to James ("Jim") Clyde Hall. Daughter: Barbara Louise Adams married to James ("Bud") E. Adams.
Son: James C. Hall, Jr. (deceased)
Grandchildren: Jennifer, Wendy, Wanda and Jaime.

Jim and I were married September, 1952. He was in the Navy and we toured the world for the next 22 years. We lived in 10 different states, including Hawaii and Midway Island. We retired in 1974 and moved to Cullman, living there for four years before moving to Hayden in 1979.

Jim has run his welding business during this time, and I worked in Cullman Hospital for 17 years as a secretary and education instructor. Last year we decided to retire and take it easy. In September, 1994, I had a kidney transplant which has been very successful and has given me a new chance on life, and I'm taking full advantage of it. Our daughter was my donor. I have had a wonderful life and have many things to be thankful for, including 44 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart.

Johnnie Ashmore Walker

To jot down a brief summary about yourself seemed like a good idea until I started to do it. It's difficult to face the fact that it has been 45 years since we graduated from North Birmingham and that we've almost, or have already, reached the big 60! - past the "halfway" mark. I'm thankful to be that far and in good health.

Other than the years I was a "full-time Mom", I have worked as a secretary, teacher and operations assistant. The most meaningful event in my life is having three children, two sons and a daughter, and three grandchildern. The next most meaningful event will be the day I retire, which hopefully will be very, very soon. I'm really looking forward to having time for hobbies, exercise, R&R, etc.

Thanks to Shirley, Betty, and nelda and those who made contacts to make this 45th Class Reunion possible!

J.D. Weeks

First, where has the last twenty-five years gone? one day you wake up old. I'm still supposed to be a kid. Let's see, twenty-five years ago would be 1971. I was working at the Jefferson Couty Department of Health, still married, with three children, Stephen, Jennifer, and Catherine. I was divorced in 1974 and have been in unwedded bliss ever since. Now, moving forward, the children graduate from high school, attend college, get married, have children (GRANDCHILDREN), are successful, etc. Meanwhile, I just keep trucking away at the Health Department. Well, I do get a degree in Urban Affairs (what the heck is that?(, a Master's degree in Public Administration, and an ABD in the Doctor of Public Administration Program at the University of Alabama. (I didn't start to the University when Edward Ambrose and Rex Shotts did, however, I did help them move into their fraternity house). Before you know it, I have seven grandsons. WOW! And now there is supposed to be a granddaughter in October. Here is the line up in order of birth: Jarred Michael Brittian, Christopher Michael Shelnutt, Joseph Matthew Shelnutt, James Ryan Brittian, Stephen Middleton Weeks (little Stephen died in 1994), Edmund Douglas Weeks, Hugh Middleton Weeks, and Elizabeth Jane Shelnutt. (Now there will be one more boy in June 1998)

Next its 1994 and I retire. Now this is what I've been looking for. The great, and stuff. I'm active in all kinds of organizations but too boring to put here. Spend a lot of time on the internet.

Well, that's about it. See you all in the Year 2001 (My goodness!).

Sylvia Leslie Chandler Penhale

Married 32 years to first husband (deceased), have three children that I am very proud of: a daughter who is a teacher in Houston, Texas, and two sons who have their own businesses in Birmingham.

Bill and I have been married for over ten years. We have a good life and lots of fun. We like to travel and went on a cruise to the Bahamas. We moved to Smith lake last year...made it through the blizzard!! The lake-what a mistake! We sold it one year later, hooray!! A city girl like me, living in Crane Hill in Winston County where you can't get a pizza delivered, is in the wrong place! I was glad to get back to civilization.

Now I'm home in Kimberly and glad to be here!

O.K. Any of you other Class Mates who are reading this and have not sent your biography, get it on in here pronto. The world is waiting!

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