Panama City Postcards

Panama City Postcards

Here are some of my Panama City, Florida postcards. Most of them will be from the 1940's and 1950's with some earlier and some later. If you remember names like Long Beach Resort, The Hangout, Laguna Beach, Old Dutch Tavern, Little Birmingham, Bahama Beach, Gulf Resort Beach Cottages at the "Y" (intersection of Hwy. 79 and 98), the old Miracle Strip Amusement Park, the original Amusement Park at the Hang Out, and the Mara-Vista Beach Court you will have a great time looking back at your Youth! There are some great views of early downtown Panama City (not PC Beach) including a Walgreen Drugstore, Hotel Marie, and the Ritz Theatre. First you have to look at a couple of photos made in the 1950's. Let me know what you think! Also look at my history of Long Beach Resort.

I recently published a "Hang Out" calendar using old postcard views of Long Beach and the Hang Out for the cover and each month. Check it out HERE.

I would like to include your favorite memory of Panama City, plus any pictures, for my new book-"Panama City Memories". For more information click HERE

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And yes, as the banner above indicates, my Panama City Postcard Book has been was published in October 2005. The title is "Panama City"!

Me on left at Long Beach Resort and Hangout in Action (1950's)!

The Hangout in the background! ***** Long Beach Resort in the 1930's!

The Hang Out! ***** Hang Out looking from the Casino!

The Hang Out again! ***** Amusement Park at Long Beach Resort!

Long Beach Resort! (Note Thomas Drive is just sand) ***** Downtown Panama City!

The Old Dutch Tavern at Bahama Beach! ***** The Old Dutch Apartments!

Gulf Resort Beach Cottages at the "Y"! ***** Laguna Beach Apartments at Laguna Beach!

Shrimp Boat Restaurant(across from Cabana Motel)! ***** Mattie's Tavern!

Mara-Vista Beach Court! ***** Fishing Docks-Panama City, Florida!

And Who can forget their first taste of dog racing at Ebro!

And below are several more pictures, some of me and other folks down in Panama City for Spring Break in the 1950's. On the left is me and Jo Ann Jackson and on the right is me getting a hug from my sister, Bobbie, and some other folks looking at the engine in my new 1955 Chevrolet!

Below are some photographs sent to me by Mike Cain. He remembers the Hang Out in the 60's and now has a Condo on the old location of Long Beach Resort. One picture is a beautiful sunset and the other is a view from the balcony of his Condo. The view below his balcony is where the west end of the Hang Out was located. Anyone interested in renting his two bedroom condo, with that view, can contact him at

Many Servicemen have enjoyed the Panama City Beach area over the years. Below is a photograph taken in the early 1960's of one from nearby Tyndall AFB. Clark Nelson, originally from St. George, Utah, is shown here (second from right). His wife, whom he met at Long Beach Resort, is on the left holding their infant daughter. Second from left is his sister and on the far right is his mother. Thanks Clark for sharing that with us. To see Clark's recollections of his wonderful marriage from that meeting in Panama City from the 1950s look at this link.

Anyone else have any Panama City postcards or photographs you want to share? Just scan and email to me. Of course since I collect these postcards I am also interested in buying any you have for sale. Thanks for looking!

If you want to keep up with what's happening in Panama City Beach, check out this link to

A interesting new book, The Heeey Baby Days of Beach Music by Greg Haynes, is about the memories and music of the 1960's and the bands that played the music. Two CD's containing some of those songs are included with the book!

A nice resource for postcard collectors is AtoZee Postcard Collector's Web Guide which is a very large and comprehensive web directory and portal for all postcard collectors, with hundreds of really useful links.

And finally, here are two views of the sunset from the pool of my Daughter's Condo on Thomas Drive! They make a great Desktop Backgound! Feel free to "grab" them. (Note: The Condo came through Hurricane Ivan with no damage, not even a little water!)

A couple of good web sites for the area are the City of Panama City and Historic St. Andrews.

Look here for a super book about Panama City Beach. Jan Smith has taken several hundred photos of Panama City Beach that will bring back those fond memories of the disapparing Miracle Strip.

And a friend of mine, and fellow Panama City postcard collector, Janet Givens, has a nice web site with some great views of Panama City and the St. Andrews area. Check it out at Janet's Old Panama City Florida Postcards.

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