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My good friend, Jerry Cowan of Nyack, NY, died December 2001. I will miss his friendship, guidance, advice, and articles in Barr's Postcard News about Tuck postcards of North America. See my tribute to Jerry Cowan at this link.

The Raphael Tuck Company began in London, England in 1866 and sold frames and pictures. Raphael Tuck's three sons joined the business in 1871 and published their first Christmas greeting card. One of the sons, Adolph Tuck, produced their first picture postcard in 1894 of Mt. Snowden in Wales, which was sold to tourists at the site.

In 1898 TUCK's first numbered series of postcards was printed, a set of 12 lithographed vignette views of London. They were numbered 1 to 12 with the "Tower of London" having the distinction of being the #1 postcard. I have a number 4 in this series.

The TUCK Company entered the American postcard market in 1900 and maintained an office in New York. American artists designed the postcards and they were printed in Germany and England and returned to the U.S. for sale. Most records of the TUCK history were destroyed during the bombing blitz of London during World War II, including the original paintings the postcards were produced from.

TUCK postcards are easy to identify with their destinctive logo as "ART PUBLISHERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING AND QUEEN".

For more about TUCK postcards and their history, get a copy of "THE AMERICAN POSTCARD GUIDE TO TUCK" by Sally S. Carver. Also read Jerry Cowan's articles, "Notebook Series about TUCK Postcards" appearing regularly in Barr's Post Card News.

I have the Raphael Tuck Books listed below.

The American Postcard Guide to TUCK, Sally S. Carver, 1976
Published by Carves Cards, Brookline, Mass.
(Actually I have copies of all five different printings)

Collector's Guide to Raphael Tuck & Sons by Blair & Margaret Whitton, 1991
Published by Hobby House Press, Cumberland, Maryland

The Picture Postcards of Raphael Tuck & Sons by J.H.D. Smith (Ed.), 2000
Published by IPM, Colchester, England
Picture Postcards

I also have a list of the TUCK postcards of cities in Alabama, which I collect. And there is a TUCK Study Group that is compiling a listing of all Tuck Postcards. At the present time their web site is unavailable. I will add it here as soon as it is up and running again.

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