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My good friend, Jerry Cowan of Nyack, NY, died December 2001. I will miss his friendship, guidance, advice, and articles in Barr's Postcard News about Tuck postcards of North America. See my tribute to Jerry Cowan at this link.

I have included a very brief history of Raphael Tuck & Sons, however, for more information about American TUCK postcards, get a copy of The AMERICAN POSTCARD GUIDE To TUCK by Sally S. Carver. There also is a Tuck Study Group but they are in the process of moving their web site. Hopefully it will be available soon. I will keep you posted.

Here is a list of the known TUCK numbered series postcards from cities in Alabama. Jerry Cowan, noted author and historian of TUCK postcards initially started me with this list of Alabama cards and since I have discovered some additional ones. I am indebted to him for his help with my TUCK collection. All are sets of six postcards unless marked (12). Exceptions to this rule have been found with some other sets. Jerry Cowan had what was presumed to be a set of twelve of Scranton, PA, Series 1094, and discoverd another card in the set which makes it most likely a set of eighteen. (See Barr's Post Card News, Jan. 19th, 1998 Notebook Part 36) Also, I recently found an error in the Mobile, Ala., Raphotype set. The cards are numbered individually from 5246-5257. I found one numbered 5266 and this number should be one of a set for "Grand Canyon" Series numbered 5264-5275. (See Barr's Post Card News, Feb. 23, 1998 Notebook Part 37, p.24) And recently I found a seventh card in my Birmingham, AL Series 2532 so that looks like it will be a set of twelve. Also found a thirteenth card in my Montgomery, AL Series 2371 so that looks like a set of eighteen.

If you have an Alabama TUCK postcard that is looking for a good home I would be glad to have it for my collection. I can purchase or trade. Also, if you have one that is not listed, please share the information with me. At the bottom of this page is a good example of a Birmingham, AL TUCK postcard.

I do have a lot of other TUCK postcards not related to cities in Alabama. Like some Santas, Christmas and Holidays, early World Fairs, and I now have number 1,3,4,6,8, and 9 in the first set of 12 that TUCK produced. Number 4, London Bridge in London, England, is pictured below.

I also have one from the Memorial Day Series that depicts Ft. Sumpter. See below.

I have developed a comprehensive list of Tuck postcards from other cities in the United States. I would be happy to help you with the numbers for your favorite city or state.

Note: (V) indicates vertical and date of postmark is in (    ).

Birmingham, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2532 Business District (2/4/11) Jefferson County Courthouse (V) 20th Street, Looking North East Lake Park First Methodist Church (V) East End Park (7/18/08) Interior, First Methodist Church (now looks like this will be a set of 12!) Birmingham, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2533 Birmingham High School East Lake (1/24/08) First National Bank (V) Eleventh Avenue, East from 15th Street (2/?/09) West End Park (8/24/06) Elks Club Birmingham, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2534 Second Avenue, East from 18th Street North Birmingham, Ala. Water Works (1908) City Hall (V)(8/10/08) St. Mary's on the Highlands (6/18/08) West End Park Birmingham, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2535 Alabama White Marble (9/21/08) An Alabama Cotton Press Highland Avenue, East from 20th Street (8/?/07)) An Alabama Coal Tipple and Washer Southern and Athletic Clubs (10/1/09) Entrance to an Alabama Coal Mine Birmingham, Alabama, Oilette Series 2536 Interior of St. Paul's Church (7/13/11) Third Avenue at Night (7/11/08) Third Avenue, East from 19th Street 20th St., North from Morris Avenue (V)(12/10/11) Highland Avenue (9/22/09) St. Vincent's Hospital Birmingham, Alabama, Oilette Series 2537 Country Club View in Glen Iris Park (12/20/07) Highland Circle (1/5/09) Residences in Glen Iris Park (4/1/10) East Lake (6/30/09) Glen Iris Park (8/25/09) Gadsden, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2696 (All are needed! Help!) Mobile, Alabama, Photochrome Series 1042 Barton Academy Bienville Square Elk's Home McGill Institute (3/20/05) View of Shell Road Athelstan Club Mobile, Alabama, Monochrome Series 2248 Unloading Bananas Shell Road, Mobile Bay Country Club (3/3/06) Government Street, Looking East (3/17/06) Bienville Park (2/10/06) From The Forest To The Mill (1/23/06) U.S. Marine Hospital (3/4/07) Convent of the Visitation (6/3/07) Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (V)(11/2/06) Medical College of Mobile (12/24/05) Cotton Wharfs (4/16/06) Barton Academy Mobile, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2355 (12) Convent of the Visitation (7/18/07) Court House (V) Live Oak Tree (Spreading over 100 feet)(8/13/06) The Old Water Wheel (10/26/06) Cathedral (V)(5/15/07) Barton Academy (7/5/06) Confederate Rest. Magnolia Cemetery (1/20/08) Washington Park (8/13/06) Convent Gate (2/7/08) A View of Dog River (2/22/08) In the Convent Grounds (1/23/07) The Cloister. Convent of the Visitation (V)(10/12/06) (Three printings are known, email for details) Mobile, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2579 Bienville Hotel Lyric Theatre McGill Institute (12/12/13) New Home of Augusta Evans Wilson Government Street Elks Club (Two printings are known, email for details) Mobile, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2580 Bienville Square (6/18/08) Cotton Wharf (12/31/07) From Forest to Mill Lovers Lane Unloading Bananas Sunrise on Mobile Bay Mobile, Alabama, Oilette Series 2605, s/ & uns/ Chapman A View of Shell Road Grotto of Lourdes at Spring Hill College Spring Hill College (8/9/10) Spring Hill College Drive (9/21/09) Spring Hill College Lake (10/12/09) Sunset on Mobile Bay (11/8/09) Mobile, Alabama, Oilette Series 2606, s/ & uns/ Chapman Father Ryan,/Poet-Priest of the South (V) Cawthon Hotel (V)(1/5/09) Moonlight on Mobile Bay Old Home of Augusta Evans Wilson (3/15/10) River Front (6/23/08) Shell Road at the Bend Mobile, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2782 (Maybe) (This has a partial number, not known to exist) The Van Antwerp Building (V) (Maybe) Mobile, Alabama, Raphotype Nos. 5246-5257 (12) 5246 Sunrise of Mobile Bay (2/10/07) 5247 5248 Spring Hill College Lake 5249 From Forest to Mill 5250 The Cotton Wharf(1903 written) 5251 Shell Road 5252 Shell Road at the Bend (11/8/06) 5253 Sunset on Mobile Bay 5254 Lovers Lane (3/1/07) 5255 Shell Road at Frascatti (1907) 5256 Spring Hill College (1906) 5257 Moonlight on Mobile Bay 5266 Spring Hill College (Must be an error) Mobile, Alabama, Collotype Nos. 6246-6257 (12) 6246 Sunrise on Mobile Bay 6247 6248 Spring Hill College Lake 6249 From Forest to Mill 6250 The Cotton Wharf 6251 Shell Road 6252 Shell Road at the Bend 6253 Sunset on Mobile Bay 6254 Lovers Lane 6255 Shell Road at Frascatti (11/12/10) 6256 Spring Hill College 6257 Moonlight on Mobile Bay Mobile, Alabama, Silverette Nos. 7247-7257 (12) 7246 Sunrise on Mobile Bay 7247 7248 Spring Hill College Lake 7249 From Forest to Mill (3/10/18) 7250 The Cotton Wharf 7251 Shell Road 7252 Shell Road at the Bend 7253 Sunset on Mobile Bay 7254 Lover's Lane 7255 Shell Road at Frascatti (9/10/08) 7256 Spring Hill College (No. error "6256") 7257 Moonlight on Mobile Bay Montgomery, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2371 (12) Bird's Eye View (1/14/07) Confederate Monument-Capitol Square (V)(4/2/09) County Court House (9/15/07) Court Square and Dexter Avenue Electric Park Exchange Hotel Oak Park Pickett Springs (9/29/06) St. Margaret's Hospital State Capitol (1/17/07) The Home of Jefferson Davis Union Passenger Station (3/7/07) Washington Park (A thirteenth card was found so there may be 18) (Five printings are known, email for details) Opelika, Alabama, Monochrome Series 0153 South Railroad Street Court House (1/23/08) North 8th St., Looking South From 4th Ave. (9/15/07) Methodist Church Opelika, Alabama, Monochrome Series 0181 North 8th St., Looking South From 4th Ave. Point Clear, Alabama, Photochrome Series 2457 Grand Hotel, Point Clear, Baldwin Co., Alabama (8/10/07) Talladega, Alabama, Monochrome Series 096 Dam at Electric Light and Power Plant Talladega College Syodical College For Women (6/19/07) Talladega, Alabama, Monochrome Series 0289 (All needed, Help!) Talladega, Alabama, Monochrome Series 0319 Dam at Electric Light and Power Plant Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Monochrome Series 0182 Antebellum Residence Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Monochrome Series 2425 First Baptist Church (8/29/06) Lock on the Black Warrior River Home of Samuel Minturn Peck (12/20/06) Antebellum Residence (9/21/06) Elks Home State Capitols, USA Series 2454 (45 States) Alabama included in this set State Belles, USA Series 2669 (45 States) Alabama included in this set

All are sets of six postcards unless marked (12)or(18).

As I stated above, if you are interested in these or any other TUCK postcard numbered series lists, send me an email and I will try to help you.

Front and Back View of TUCK Postcard

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