Weeks Family


My Abbreviated Weeks Ancestery Chart


William Weeks
b. 1729
m. abt. 1750 Susannah Heaton

Samuel Weeks (Sr.)
b. 1770-Perquimans Co., NC
m. 05 Sep 1788-Ann Jackson-Green Co., GA
d. 06 May 1845-Salem, Franklin Co., TN

John Weeks
b. 1789-Putnam Co., GA
m. 20 Sep 1814-Ann Crawford
d. 1839

John Leonard Weeks
b. 10 Jan 1838-near Winfield, Marion Co.,AL
m. 08 Jul 1858-Susan Thomas Weeks
d. 01 Feb 1926-Beaverton, Lamar Co., AL

James Perry Weeks
b. 13 Apr 1858-AL
m. 20 Jan 1881-Josephine Louise Page-AL
d. 24 Apr 1925-Marion Co., AL

James Martin Weeks
b. 23 Jun 1883-AL
m. 16 Jan 1881-Lizzie Beth Bussey-AL
d. 21 Mar 1961-Graysville, AL

Era Earl Weeks
b. 22 May 1910-Detroit, Lamar Co., AL
m. 29 Jun 1930-Lillie Myrtle Heatherly-Cullman Co., AL
d. 24 Jun 1983-Gardendale, AL

J.D. Weeks
b. 12 Apr 1937-Bug Tussle, Cullman Co., AL
m. 06 Jul 1956-Birmingham, AL

Stephen Douglas Weeks
b. 06 Jan 1959-Birmingham, AL
m. 06 Apr 1991-Trnava, Czechoslovakia

Edmund Douglas Weeks
b. 31 Jan 1994-Houston, TX

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John Leonard Weeks

James Perry Weeks and Josephine Louise Page Weeks

James Perry Weeks(my GGF on ox) and James Martin Weeks (my GF 2nd from left)

James Martin Weeks (on right) and brothers Guy, Ed, and Charlie)

James Martin Weeks

Era Earl Weeks, wife Lillie Myrtle Heatherly Weeks
Bobbie Jo and J.D. (me at age 4, looking down)

J.D. Weeks

Stephen Douglas Weeks
Edmund and Hugh Weeks

Jennifer Weeks Brittian
Jarred and James Brittian

Catherine Weeks Shelnutt
Christopher, Matthew, Elizabeth, and Jonathan Shelnutt

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